your selfie here

Your selfie and your message on the Moon.

Be part of our collection of science, art, culture and expression destined to land on the Moon in 2019. We’ll be telling stories and we want you to tell yours.

Your selfie and message will be stored as tiny images etched on a sapphire discs. The disc will last forever—along with your words.

What would you say: to the Moon, to the future, to humanity, to yourself?

Whatever you do, say something.

How will it work?

Your selfie will be turned into a black-and-white dithered image.

Your message will be written in a pixel font—each letter will be about 10 microns! That's about 1/10th of the width of a human hair. It's so tiny we can't even see it.

We'll take care of all this.

Group selfies are ok too!

When you upload your selfie, along with an optional message, you’ll receive a unique personal code (e.g. ABC1234DEF).

Don’t throw away your code!

Each disc of Sanctuary is a laser-etched 9 cm saphire nanoform and we can store about 3,000 selfies on a disc, each sized at 500 × 500 pixels.

Selfies will be selected randomly. After the disc is completed we’ll announce the codes of the selfies that made it onto the disc.

Your selfie together with thousands of others on the selfie disc and your message will appear on one of the other discs.

upload your selfie and Get onboard!

It will last for a very long time on the Moon... so look your best!